I was searching for a meal plan that listed and used common foods easy to find in the grocery store. I wanted meals that my “meat and potatoes” husband would like for dinner. I found “MacroMomma” website and prepared the pizzas and crock pot chicken for dinners. My husband loved them and said they did not taste like diet food. I was sold and started to follow the 12 week meals. I love the breakfast choices and am happy to have found low calorie veggie cream cheese and bagels. Delicious! Thank you MacroMomma. -Shauna

I signed up for the 12-week meal plan with Macro Momma because I was ready to take my body back after several kids but didn’t know where to start. I needed meals that not only I could fix quickly but also enjoy. The 12-week meal plan works great for me as a working mom because I can quickly throw a few items in my lunch bag and be off to work. The meals are also good to make for my family, even my picky little eaters. I used to be a snacker, but since being on the meal plan I don’t find myself snacking throughout the day. This meal plan has really changed my eating habits for the better, and I can’t believe how much better I feel each day. It’s definitely a life style I can maintain.  -Christy

I have been super impressed by all the meal plans from Macro Momma! They are all so good and easy to make and my family will eat them as well. Macro Momma has done the hard work to make it easier and more convenient for me in the kitchen. -Chelsey

I started my 12 week plan about 10 weeks ago and it has been the best thing I have ever done. Before Macro Mommas I ate horrible, had headaches all the time and just never got the body I truly wanted. I knew I needed to get my eating in line to really get the results I wanted. This was the easiest transition and the food is delicious!! What makes it even better for a working mom is the convenience of all the meals. They are all so easy to prepare. I did not need to lose weight but within the first 3 weeks I lost 5 pounds and could see how much leaner I was becoming. I love the way I feel now and would recommend this to anyone that needs some discipline with their eating. Michelle has also been a great help along the way and is always willing to answer any questions. The work that she has put into these plans is amazing!!! Thanks Macro Mommas for helping me with my new lifestyle!!! -Jennifer

“Easy, nutritious and delicious!” -Jan

I love Macro Momma’s nutrition plan and can not say enough great things about it. The meals are delicious, satisfying and super easy and quick to put together. As a Mom of busy toddlers and school aged children, I needed to lose weight and have food that is easy to grab & that the family will also love. My kids love all of the dinners, especially making their own healthy pizzas.  I have lost weight and gained energy. I used to want to nap everyday & I feel so much better since starting macro Momma’s nutritional plan.  Michelle is so kind, patient and knowledgeable. She emails you back quickly and is available to answer questions and help you along your weight loss journey.  I highly recommend macro momma to all my friends and family! -Kristin

I love Macro Momma! I love that I still can eat real, healthy and super yummy food…everything I have tried is so delicious!!! I have loved learning new ways to prepare foods that I all ready love, but in a healthier way that is still satisfying. The meals are so easy to prepare and they are foods that everyone in my family loves too! This program has taught me so much about food and is something I am really grateful for! Thank you Macro Momma!!! -Ticey

I love the meal plans from macro mamma! It is real food that doesn’t break the bank! I was on a different meal plan before that was pretty strict and was kind of expensive. Being on the macro mamma meal plan my grocery bill has gone down! I also love that the food is family friendly. I have a 3 yr old and he will eat what I’m eating now. I mean who doesn’t like to eat pizza and lose weight!! This is a lifestyle change I can do! -Jalene

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