21 Jan


temp_regrann_1453335707250Thanks for sharing your story and for letting us share it, you look amazing!

 Here is a progress picture of me after 4 babies, two of which were almost 9lbs, after 4 c/s, and after 4months of working my butt off! (Including the holidays, that I completely enjoyed)! In four months I have lost over 25lbs, dropped two pant sizes, two shirt sizes and probably 10bra sizes😂! I have lost more than 12% body fat and too many inches to count! I was struggling to lose my baby weight! I was in a rut and because of my friend @macromommas I found Myself again! She introduced me to Ryan @core.personal.fitness! I have always been an athlete, that is until I had kids! I loved to exercise and have never been a big eater, but I, like many other moms didn’t feel like I should take time away from my kids to exercise! I hated leaving them, and still do! But the day Baylor stopped nursing I began! I began counting macros designed for my body! I started going to the gym 6 days a week! I had every excuse in the world, it hurts my c/s, my kids wake up at 5:30, how can I leave them, Baylor sleeps in my bed, I’m out of shape, my hormones are off (which they were), it’s too much money, I know how to eat healthy and work out I don’t need help! But friends, I did! It has not been easy but it has been enjoyable! I am happy! I am not looking for complements, I am not making money, I am sharing this with you because I am very passionate about what I have learned and am learning! I still have more goals to meet! I am not in a competition with anyone but myself! This is not a quick fix or fad diet! This is how it is done! This is how we should all be taking care of our bodies! Eating healthy, lifting weights and doing cardio! If you have questions ask me! If you want to see what it’s all about contact Ryan @core.personal.fitness and for some awesome recipes check out Michelle @macromommas and guys, I eat carbs! And I cheat, a little!😘😉 #macros #countingmacros #corepersonalfitness #babyweight #fitmama #exercise #losinginches #macromomma #gettingreal #Regrann




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