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Core Personal Fitness

core pfitness

Trying to count macronutrients at first can be very overwhelming and confusing.  If you would like to learn more about counting macros call Ryan at Core Personal Fitness.  Not only can he teach you the correct and healthy way to eat and fuel your body, he can also give you an exercise plan that is made specifically for you.  If you want results call him today!

Make sure and tell him Macro Momma sent you!

Ryan: 801-725-0537

Core Personal Fitness- Based in Utah, they offer both in-person/online personal training and meal planning services.  Their mission is getting back to the basics for a healthier lifestyle.


Get your friends and go together!!

Prices per hour:

  • 1 Person-$37
  • 2 People -$46 ($23 per person)
  • 3 People- $57 ($19 per person)
  • 4 People- $64 ($16 per person)
  • 5 People- $75 (15 per person)

Price for 30 min:

  • 1 Person- $22
  • 2 People- $32 ($16 per person)


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