10 Apr

Half Way Done and $5 off our Macro Momma Cookbook!

Happy Monday!  Few exciting things today….1) I am a little over half way through our 12 Week Get Fit Program…YAY!!!   The scale can be so deceiving and depressing and if I were just going off the scale I would have wanted to give up by now.  Take progress pics my friends, it’s helpful and motivating to see where you have been and where you are.   I am feeling so much better and my clothes are starting to fit again.  I am excited to see what the next 5 weeks will bring…and how can my baby be 3 months old already! 

12 Weeks will come and go no matter what and it goes fast.  Where will you be in 12 Weeks???

Also,  it has been one year today that I launched the Macro Momma Cookbook!  So, to celebrate the cookbook will be $5 off this week, no coupon code needed the discount will be taken off automatically!  Thanks for all your support!

26 Sep

Monday Motivation

Need some Monday motivation?!  This is one of our awesome clients who bought our 12 Week Nutrition Plan and has been working out on his own.  He and his wife have been following the meal plan together and are rocking it!    I am so happy and excited for both of them!!  This is  my absolute favorite part about helping clients change their lives and seeing the progress that comes with hard work and dedication.   Keep up the good work!!

If you have any questions about our program feel free to contact me at 12weekgetfit@gmail.com.  We also offer a discount for couples that want to do it together!

4 Week Progress Pictures


8 Week Progress Pictures

jared-o-progress-pic-2 jared-o-progress-pic

27 May

12 Week Progress Picture

12 Week Before and After

Check out this awesome progress!! This is one of our clients that bought the 12 Week Get Fit Meal Plan.  She rocked it and it shows…This is her 12 week before & after, it’s amazing the change your body can make in just 12 weeks!  I’m so happy and excited for her! She wrote: I’m NEVER going back to the way I was eating before #macrosforlife! Thanks for the amazing meal plan!

19 Mar

12 Week Get Fit Progress Pictures!

12 Week progress pic JENN
Our 12 Week Get Fit Program has been out a little over 12 Weeks now and I am loving seeing the results it has brought our clients! The top 2 pictures are her before & after with just buying the meal plan & doing her own workouts. The bottom two are from doing both our meal & fitness plan. She’s done amazing, I’m so happy & excited for her!! This is what she posted and I had to share: ‪#‎repost‬…………….. I started with Macro Momma’s meal plan 12 weeks ago & with Core Personal Fitness 3 weeks ago. I have loved everything about both these plans. These pics make me sooo happy! In just 3 weeks of really focusing on my eating & my workouts I am starting to see some changes! I am confident that I WILL have the body I have always wanted! People have always said to me, you are so skinny, you don’t need to workout and you can eat whatever you want. They are wrong, I felt horrible! I was always bloated & had headaches… this eating plan has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Thanks Macro Momma  & Core Personal Fitness for making this process so easy!

For more details on our 12 Week Get Fit Program go to macromomma.com/shop


10 Mar

12 Week Progress Pictures

12 Week Progress CPFIn 12 weeks this awesome client of Core Personal Fitness has been able to drop 21 lbs of fat, over 17 inches off her body, and has gained 8 lbs of muscle .  Her dedication has been awesome! This has been done working out from home and from eating meal ideas found on macromomma.com.   Good work!!  Whether you follow our plan or not–make sure you have a plan! If you don’t, it’s real easy to feel like you are spinning your wheels and making no progress at all.  “If you fail to plan…you plan to fail.” Make a plan today!!

If you’re not sure where to start check out our customized meal and fitness plans.  You too can have great results with our Online 12 Week Get Fit Program.

12 Feb



My vision for starting macromomma.com and our #12weekgetfitprogram is exactly what this post is all about. I love seeing the progress our clients are reaching on our #12weekgetfitprogram thanks @happyhealthyfit2 for sharing. I am so happy & excited for you & can’t wait to see your progress in the next 3 weeks!

@Regrann from @happyhealthyfit2 – I have been doing my social media cleanse and still am on my personal pages!! I was going to go longer on here but I feel like I need to give someone a shout out, and let you all in on a new secret!! About 3 weeks ago I started an eating plan with @macromommas, and in that 3 weeks I am down 8 pounds (no I do not have abs yet, but I will) and who knows how many inches (they are M.I.A. on my phone somewhere!) I have so much energy, SO much less bloated and most importantly I am not hungry!! Her plan is a 12 week LEGIT eating plan!! She does the hard stuff (measuring, planning portions of all the delicious food, and makes your weekly grocery list)! The commitment in your part is to follow through with grocery shopping and making your food she gives you!! She also works with a trainer that I am so excited to meet with tomorrow and see and learn from him!! I have learned so much about portions, I have learned how much more snacking at dinner time I was doing than I thought, I also have come to realize I was not drinking near as much water as I had thought!! My weekends I still allow myself to let loose a bit, but I have also been going to the gym Saturday mornings so I could get my 5 days a week in!!! A little less guilt while I enjoy my beverages!! 😀. Anyway if anyone thinks this is something they’d be interested in, but has questions I would love to answer them!! She is great, and counting Macros is no joke!! #macros #macro_secrets #goals #weightloss #happiness #educateyoursef #trynewthings #fitfam #fitmoms #fitmomsinspire #fitmomsofig #goals2016

21 Jan


temp_regrann_1453335707250Thanks for sharing your story and for letting us share it, you look amazing!

 Here is a progress picture of me after 4 babies, two of which were almost 9lbs, after 4 c/s, and after 4months of working my butt off! (Including the holidays, that I completely enjoyed)! In four months I have lost over 25lbs, dropped two pant sizes, two shirt sizes and probably 10bra sizes😂! I have lost more than 12% body fat and too many inches to count! I was struggling to lose my baby weight! I was in a rut and because of my friend @macromommas I found Myself again! She introduced me to Ryan @core.personal.fitness! I have always been an athlete, that is until I had kids! I loved to exercise and have never been a big eater, but I, like many other moms didn’t feel like I should take time away from my kids to exercise! I hated leaving them, and still do! But the day Baylor stopped nursing I began! I began counting macros designed for my body! I started going to the gym 6 days a week! I had every excuse in the world, it hurts my c/s, my kids wake up at 5:30, how can I leave them, Baylor sleeps in my bed, I’m out of shape, my hormones are off (which they were), it’s too much money, I know how to eat healthy and work out I don’t need help! But friends, I did! It has not been easy but it has been enjoyable! I am happy! I am not looking for complements, I am not making money, I am sharing this with you because I am very passionate about what I have learned and am learning! I still have more goals to meet! I am not in a competition with anyone but myself! This is not a quick fix or fad diet! This is how it is done! This is how we should all be taking care of our bodies! Eating healthy, lifting weights and doing cardio! If you have questions ask me! If you want to see what it’s all about contact Ryan @core.personal.fitness and for some awesome recipes check out Michelle @macromommas and guys, I eat carbs! And I cheat, a little!😘😉 #macros #countingmacros #corepersonalfitness #babyweight #fitmama #exercise #losinginches #macromomma #gettingreal #Regrann




15 Jan

12 Week Get Fit Program/ Before and After

PhotoGrid_1452805208114Those who say they CAN’T and those who say they CAN are usually right…YOU CAN!  It’s amazing the change your mind and body can make in just 12 weeks when you believe you CAN!

10 Dec



Our Online 12 Week Get Fit Program is now available for purchase and will be on sale for a limited time only.  Are you wondering what 12 weeks can do for you?  These photos are all 12 week progress pictures of people who are following our Get Fit Program.  We are  giving away one 12 week program.  To enter and to see details on how to enter follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Direct links to our Facebook and Instagram are on the side bar of the blog.

22 Aug

11 Week Progress Picture



11 weeks of hard work is paying off!  This is a friend of mine who goes to Core Personal Fitness and follows macromomma.com for meal ideas.  I am so happy and excited for her.  She is still going strong!  Can’t wait to see what the next 11 weeks will bring.  Keep up the hard work, you are doing so good! Thanks for sharing your progress with us!

29 Jul

Current Progress


When I began training with Ryan in March of 2015 I was  very active and eating healthy food religiously. I was struggling to make progress and feeling that I must be lacking knowledge about nutrition, even though I felt I was pretty knowledgeable.  I was working out 6 days a week 1-2 hours a day and following a Paleo diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats. I was not eating any bread, grains ect.  I did not measure, weigh or count my Macronutrients or Calories. I just ate healthy food however and whenever I wanted as long as it was “CLEAN”. What I have learned from this short journey of 4 months is that I was eating very healthy foods and making good choices but my portions were completely off and as a result I NEVER had energy and was not able to make the physical progress I was seeking.  I feared grains and made them the bad guy in my diet forbidding them. But the funny thing is that I was not eating grains but over consuming on fruit and healthy fats. The fats I was regularly eating were avocado, olive and coconut oil and nuts. Since beginning my training with Ryan I now weigh measure and track ALL of my meals and Macronutrients. I am now eating whole grain breads, quinoa, rice, rice cakes, pasta, crackers ect. I have reduced the amount of fat and fruit intake dramaticaly and don’t miss it at all. I’m now able to have my treat moments with the kids, eat out with friends and enjoy life’s moments without feeling guilty or that I’m hindering the work I’ve done. By tracking my macros I know exactly what the day will allow and plan for those special occasions guilt free. I feel better physically  and have dropped 2.5% body fat and several inches from following my training and macro diet. I still have work to do to reach the goals I have set but am so pleased with the results I have gained in this short time. Hopefully this will help inspire someone even though it’s not a huge or dramatic “AFTER” , any progress is good progress know matter where you are. 🙂

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