27 Apr

Working Out At Home

After I had baby #2 I knew getting to the gym at 5 am was going to be hard.  I talked with my husband and we decided to clear a space in our basement and make a little home gym.  I thought after a few months I would be ready to go back to the gym but, I am loving being able to work out at home and having my husband and kiddos join me.

My good friend posted a picture of her doing a pull-up and it motivated me to build the strength to do one.  I bought this awesome Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar from Amazon thinking I would just use it for pull-ups but I am loving it for lots of different workouts.   So, if you are wanting more options to be able to do at home I highly recommend this Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar .

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08 Mar

HIIT Training Benefits

5 Benefits of HIIT Training :
1. Increased metabolism
2. Burn more fat
3. No equipment necessary
4. Appetite suppression
5. Quick (but not easy) ☺
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